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About Roku Insider

First off, It’s important for you to know that RokuInsider is not an official website of Roku and we don’t have any direct connection between Roku, Inc.

We formed this site for the problems related to Roku TV, Roku streaming stick, Roku remote, and all gadgets that can be used to make your entertainment more convenient than before.

Purpose behind RokuInsider

No matter how many features and functions a device offers, there’s always something to search and find solutions for that’s not provided with the device itself.

Similarly, Roku is considered one of the best brands in America when it comes to smart TV and streaming content in a very feasible way, these devices also bring some degree of errors and questions to solve. 

So, this is where the RokuInsider will guide you as an insider of Roku devices where you can find your solutions easily with screenshots of step demonstrations. If you have some issues in which a solution is not available, you can contact me on our Contact Us page.

What You Can Find Here 

Apps to Connect: There Are some applications that are not available on the Roku channel store, but due to popularity and usage, people want to use them on Roku TV, hence we have a separate category for this section.

Channels: Channels are the souls of Roku TV, without it, there’s no use of it. And there are many people who face problems while searching the channel and watching something on it. If you have the same issues, this section will guide you through the step-by-step process.

How To: How To guides are for the solution of the problems you might face such as how to connect, how to cancel, how to change, and so on.

Product Review: If some products are useful and worth your time, we’ll write reviews of them with everything you need to know with taking your side.

Who is The Person Behind RokuInsider 

The name of that person is Ayush Kumar, a passionate tech geek and Streaming content consumer. I have been watching Roku TV for years and I can connect with what you can search and want to know regarding this device.

I always try to learn and explore new opportunities and ways that can make it easy for you to do what you want on Roku devices.

Thanks for appreciating my work just by reading this article.