Fix Roku HDMI Extender Not Working Issue

If your Roku stick overheats or doesn’t fit firmly with your TV’s HDMI port, getting a free Roku HDMI Extender is a good-to-go option. But what if your Roku HDMI Extender Not Working?

The root cause of why this HDMI extender shows no signal on your TV can be your TV doesn’t support it or the extender itself can have the problem.

In simple words, if the HDMI extender not Working after getting ordered online for free, don’t fill out the form again to get the same extension, instead get a premium HDMI extender and see how it goes.

Now, let’s tackle this issue in different ways:

Why is the HDMI extender not Working on Roku 

After getting a new HDMI extender and plugging it into your TV’s HDMI port and Roku stick, if the TV screen shows “no signal” or something similar, the main cause May be due to the faulty HDMI extender.

Now, I am not saying that Roku gave you this device with such a defect intentionally, there may be some hidden reasons for getting the extender delivered to your doorstep.

Meanwhile, the HDMI Extender No Signal problem can be from your end, your TV may be way old and the HDMI port is not accepting the signal from the extender.

How to fix the Roku free HDMI extender not Working 

Here are some courses of action you can take step by step:

1. First off, if your Roku streaming stick is not new, connect it directly to your TV’s HDMI port to see if it’s working fine

2. Make sure your Streaming stick+ is connected to the power outlet to get sufficient charge.

3. Check the connection between the HDMI extender, Roku Stick, and your TV.

4. Double check the input option of your TV, or it is good to switch the input options (If you are not sure which HDMI port you have used)

5. If possible, use the Roku stick and HDMI extender with another TV.

6. Apply for another HDMI extender on Roku’s official website or instead of waiting, get a new one locally or from any online store that can function faster and better.

Want to know the exact process of (filling out the form online) how to get a free HDMI extender?

How do I get Roku HDMI extender for free 

In case you don’t know how to get it for free, here are the steps:

1. On your web browser, visit the link.

2. A screen with options to fill will pop up on your screen like this:

fill the form to get free Roku HDMI extender
Form on Roku website

3. Enter your information including first and last name, and email address, but don’t forget to mention the serial number as the majority of people mess up filling this one spot.

To know the serial number of your Roku streaming stick, look at its backside. (Or follow Settings > System > About options on your Roku device to figure out the serial number).

4. After filling in the information, press the continue button and wait for the extender to arrive.

How to use Roku HDMI extender

The process goes like this:

Once you have the male-to-female HDMI adapter, connect one side (female end) to your Roku stick and another side (male end) to your TV’s HDMI port.

connect Roku HDMI extender to TV
Connect HDMI extender to TV

What does a Roku HDMI extender look like

The HDMI extender usually comes 4 and a half inches in size and can be turned or moved in the direction you want (in other words, it’s flexible)

Here’s a figure showing the physical look:

What does a Roku HDMI extender look like
Roku HDMI extender


What is the Roku HDMI extender length?

The Roku HDMI extender length is around 4 1⁄2 inches.

When will I get a Roku HDMI extender?

If you have filled out the form and applied online, it may take 4 days to several months depending on your location.


After getting a sense of the possible troubleshooting steps, I hope you can eliminate the Roku HDMI extender not Working issue. 

Now, let me know which step has worked for you the most or you are going to follow:

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