How to watch Telemundo on Roku

Do you understand the Spanish language and are in search of the best television network to watch on your Roku TV?

Well, If you already heard the name of that channel, you’ll want to know how to watch Telemundo on Roku TV.

If so, as a Roku TV explorer, After jumping into various apps and functions on the Roku device, I am going to give you the ways to get any show you are likely to watch on Roku TV from Telemundo.

So, let’s take a leap 

How much does Telemundo cost on Roku tv 

If you subscribe to some of the popular streaming channels (given below) and install any of them on Roku TV, it may cost you around $60 to $90/mo. 

Moreover, If you like, I can make your entertainment free, you just need to keep on reading.

How can I watch Telemundo on Roku

There are many ways to watch Telemundo on Roku TV, but adding it directly from the Roku channel store can stand out from other ways because it’s so smooth and convenient to do.

Besides this approach, you can subscribe to a streaming service and watch Telemundo channel with more additional channels and features, which I’ll talk about later. 

But for now, let’s know 

How to Add Telemundo on Roku

1. Open your Roku TV Home interface and scroll to select Streaming Channels 

tap on streaming channel on Roku tv to get Telemundo channel

2. Tap on Search Channels and type Telemundo in the search box.

search Telemundo app on roku tv

3. Once the result appears, select +Add Channel and let the Roku device download and install the Telemundo App.

4. Tap on Go To Channel to launch the Telemundo on Roku TV. And activate your account as l explained below.

How to install Telemundo on Roku TV from its official Website

If you mistakenly forget your Roku remote, have some problem, or want to add a Telemundo channel on Roku through your preferred device online, here are the steps to consider:

1. Take your Android, iOS, or PC device and launch any browser to visit the 

2. Once you log in, enter Telemundo in the search section and enter.

3. Tap on the Telemundo channel icon, and select +Add Channel 

4. Once you download it online, come back to your Roku TV and use Telemundo, and get a subscription.

How to Activate Telemundo on Roku Device 

1. First, to get Telemundo com link activation code, open the Telemundo channel on Roku TV and sign up or log in.

2. It’ll show an activation code (write it somewhere or remember)

3. Head to the Telemundo activation page and enter the code showing on your smart TV.

get activation code to activate Telemundo on Roku tv

4. Tap on the Keep On Going option, and provide all information being asked.

5. Once you sign in, open the Telemundo channel on Roku and start getting entertained right away.

How to get Telemundo on Roku TV without Cable

If you don’t have a cable TV provider and want to watch your favorite shows listed on Telemundo, you Now need to get a subscription to any live-streaming platform that I mentioned below. (YouTube TV, FuboTV, and Hulu)

In this way, you’ll not only be watching Telemundo Arizona, Puerto Rico, and Houston but also can get access to many other channels that’ll make you relaxed and entertained from a variety of content.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV to watch Telemundo on Roku device or Roku stick

YouTube TV counts in the list of best streaming services available in the market. With its base plan of $64.99/mo, you can watch Telemundo channel on your Roku TV. 

Additionally, you’ll get over 100 more channels, including some of the popular ones, such as ESPN, CNN, The CW, TLC, and so on.

Want local channels? 

Fox, ABC, and CBS are also included in the subscription.

And If you want to watch Telemundo on Roku for free, start with its 10-day free trial (can vary).


Hulu to watch Telemundo on Roku tv

Hulu has various plans to choose from but to get the Telemundo channel, start with Hulu+  Live TV plans. It’s a category of plan that includes four subscription options to choose from:

Subscription Price 
Hulu Live TV (with ads)$76.99/mo
Hulu Live TV (without ads)$89.99/mo
Hulu (with ads)$7.99/mo
Hulu (without ads)$17.99/mo

If you want to taste the Hulu streaming service for free, begin with its 30-day free trial offer (only eligible for no ads plan and new subscribers).


fubotv on Roku to watch Telemundo

FuboTV is a well-known spot for live sports and on-demand content lovers. You can select anyone from its three plans, each of them has a Telemundo channel added.

Furthermore, there’s also a 4K resolution in some content and DVR recording that you can use to store your beloved Telemundo shows and watch whenever you want.

Subscription Price 
Elite $84.99/mo
Premier $94.99/mo

If you are new to get FuboTV plan, you can enjoy its 7-day free trial (you have to provide your credit card information)

What shows are best to watch on Telemundo on Roku 

After looking around the steps I provided, and getting a subscription, you may want to know the popular shows that can make your spare time thrilling and enjoyable.

Hasta Que La Plata Nos Separe

Hasta Que La Plata Nos Separe is a drama and the most viewed show on Telemundo. This whole show revolves around a corporate executive and a poor salesman who go through an automobile accident. And reach towards their destiny by having some tough and funny moments.

La Casa de Los Famosos

It’s an American Spanish-language show that includes reality TV content. In this show, a cluster of celebrities live together in a home, face problems, and dramatically solve them.

Top Chef VIP

As it sounds, this TV series involves the competition of chefs, where they compete with each other to win the praise and Reward of $100k. During the show, each one comes up with a different dish that can make your mouth water.

How can you Fix Telemundo on Roku not working

After downloading and installing Telemundo on Roku TV and paying for a subscription, if it doesn’t work, you or anyone else can be upset.

But worry not, once you follow the steps I mentioned here, you can watch Telemundo on your Roku TV easily:

1. Make sure to check your internet strength as this is the main reason the majority of the time, it gets difficult to watch the shows.

2. Relaunch the Telemundo channel on Roku after signing out and logging in again.

3. Check if your Roku device is in an outdated version, If so, update it by selecting Settings » System » System Update 

4. Clear the cache on your Roku TV to remove all the glitches and bugs.

How to watch Telemundo for free

In order to watch Telemundo for free, get a subscription plan from the given list that has a free trial. And watch whatever and whenever you want, once the free trial is about to end, cancel your subscription instantly.

I recommend canceling the free trial 2-3 days before it finishes because sometimes, they charge automatically.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Telemundo App free

No, you have to pay for it. However, you can try a free trial from Hulu to get Telemundo app for free and cancel before the payment.

What number is Telemundo on Roku

47 number is Telemundo on Roku 

What channels is Telemundo on Roku

Telemundo channel is Telemundo on Roku 


I hope you are now able to watch Telemundo on Roku TV in two ways (getting on the Roku channel store and subscribing to a streaming service). 

Now, If you want me to help you regarding the issues that I didn’t include in this blog post, let me know in the comment segment.

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