How to get Burrow channel on Roku TV

If you just landed here to learn how to get the borrow app on Roku for free, you are right.

Because I am exactly going to show you how you can do so.

First, you need to install Burrow app from your Roku channel store by searching DigBurrow (The name of this channel was changed to DigBurrow) since it’s included on your Roku device.

Once, you install the channel, sign up or sign in If you already have a built-in account. And watch whatever shows you prefer on your Roku device.

This is it, now, the given explanation may look incomplete, hence keep on reading to get the step-by-step instructions.

Is Burrow Channel on Roku TV?

Yes, Burrow Channel is on Roku TV, but the name has been changed to DigBurrow. You can search for this name on your Roku channel store to watch the Burrow app.

How Much Does Burrow App Cost on Roku TV 

Fortunately, the burrow app is free on Roku that you can start watching after just finishing the installing and signing up process.

What can you get on Burrow Channel 

Burrow provides different shows and entertainment content than other traditional channels. You can watch educationally oriented series without any cost. 

The Burrow Channel is run by Pill Network company, which lets us watch many time-worthy content including Cult of the Medics, CIA, New World Order, Free Energy, and a lot more.

How to Get the Borrow App on Roku for free

Now, connect your Roku device to a stable internet connection, as all the functions on the smart TV work by the internet.

Further, here we go:

1. Press the Home button located on your Roku remote and scroll down to select the Streaming Channel option.

streaming channel option to get Burrow Channel

2. Now, choose the Search Channel option and type DigBurrow in the search section.

search burrow app on Roku channel store

3. Once the channel is shown, choose it and select Add Channel 

4. After downloading, choose Go To Channel.

5. Provide the required details to sign up or log in if you already have your account. Once you complete the signing-in process, you can start playing Burrow Channel on the Roku device.

Watch Burrow Channel on Roku using the Roku Website 

If you want to add the Burrow App on your Roku device in one place from your handy Android, iOS, or PC device, follow the steps given here:

1. Launch a web browser on your device and visit Roku’s official website.

2. Sign in and head to the search box, where you’ll need to enter the name DigBurrow.

3. Once you search, select the Add Channel option 

4. Afterward, tap on Go To Channel 

and provide your sign-in (If you don’t have an account, create one)

5. Now, come back to your Roku TV and watch Burrow channel on Roku device (it may take around 24 hours to appear installed app on your Roku TV, so wait)

In case, the channel doesn’t show after waiting for a day, consider updating your Roku device operating system by following Settings > System > System Update options.

Truth Tide on Roku – A similar app to Burrow Channel 

If you couldn’t find the DigBurrow channel for some reason, you can replace it with the Truth Tide channel. Here you can get the same content as the Burrow App and even some additional shows that fall in the education category.

To install the Truth Tide app on your Roku device, first head to the Streaming Channels option and then select Search Channels.

Further, enter the name “Truth Tide” and once you tap on it, choose the Add Channel option.

Afterward, wait until the app gets installed. Once it is completely ready to watch, launch the channel and complete the on-screen instructions to sign up.

Just the moment you sign up, launch the channel and watch your favorite shows right away.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Burrow on Roku TV?

Burrow is an educational-related channel that you can watch on your Roku device for free. But, to install it on the Roku channel store, you need to search for it by the name DigBurrow.

Is there an alternative to watching Burrow on a Roku device?

Yes, you can either download the Burrow app from the Roku channel store or the website. In the second approach, the installed Burrow Channel will show on your Roku TV after waiting for a day.


Since this channel is known by limited people, there’s not much information about how to install it on your Roku device, therefore, after reading this article, I hope you now can watch Burrow on your Roku TV.

To get more ways to watch on Roku for free, don’t forget to check out our guides on Flixtor, 123movies, and soap2day on Roku.

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