How to Watch SEC network on Roku TV

For watching College football, live matches, or any sports, sec network is the best possible television channel where you can watch all of them.

Even if you don’t have a cable TV provider, you can keep yourself entertained with just an internet connection using streaming services without having to make any physical mess.

Since the sec network is not available on Roku channel store, you may be thinking about how to get sec network on Roku

Well, you can either install ESPN App or any streaming channel (breakdown is given below) on Roku to watch sec network whenever you want.

To know exactly how to do so, let’s get started now 

How much is SEC network on Roku

You can get sec network on Roku either from the streaming services I walked below which will cost you $20 to around $80 a month or you can install the ESPN app which will require you to pay $10.99 a month or $109.99 a year.

How to get sec network on Roku

Now, I am about to take you through the steps to watch sec network on Roku by installing ESPN channel from the channel store:

1. Launch your Roku device and head to the home screen, scroll, and select Streaming Channels > Search Channel 

select Streaming channel on roku device
search ESPN on Roku to watch sec network

2. Enter ESPN in the search section (If it’s difficult to type such a word, use Roku mobile app remote)

3. Once you select ESPN, tap on +Add Channel 

Activate sec network on Roku tv

1.  After you download ESPN on Roku, open the Settings > Subscription > ESPN 

2. You’ll need to log in and the TV screen will open up an activation code. (Note or remember it)

Activation code on Roku device or Roku tv to get sec network on Roku

3. Head to the ESPN activation page on your device’s web browser (Android, iPhone, Mac or PC)

4. Enter that activation code you noticed on Roku device, and tap on Continue.

enter activation code to stream sec network on Roku

5. Once you log in and activate the ESPN app, head to your Roku TV, and start streaming your favorite sports or football on sec network.

How do I watch sec network on Roku without cable 

There are numerous streaming channels where you can access the sec network without cable, all you need to do is pick any one of the given options below (After making sure which falls under your budget) and follow the same process that I explained above while adding ESPN on Roku TV.

Service Name Subscription and Cost Pros ConsFree Trial Unique Feature 
FuboTV$74.99 a month (Pro)
$84.99 a month(Elite)
$94.99 a month (Premier)
More channels Costly than some platforms7 days Easy-to-use Interface 
Vidgo$20 a month with $49.99 off in the first month (Plus)
$20 a month with $64.99 off in the first month (Premium)
$20 a month with $79.99 off in the first month (Ultimate)
$39.99 a month (Vidgo Mas)
Good channel lineup (College sports)Some popular channels missing NoMore live channels 
Sling TV$40 a month (Sling Orange)
$40 a month (Sling Blue)
$55 a month (Sling Orange and Blue)
Movie rentals Disorder Channel distribution 7 days (can vary)Flexible subscription choice 
Hulu$75.99 a month (Hulu + live TV)
$76.99 a month (Hulu + Live TV, Disney+, ESPN+ With Ads)
$81.99 a month (Hulu {With Ads} + Live TV, Disney+ {Without Ads} and ESPN+ {With Ads}

$89.99 a month (Hulu {No Ads} + Live TV)
Good mix of channels Ads on are pricy 30 days Unlimited DVR recording on roku
DirecTV Stream$69.98 a month with $25 off for the first 2 months (Entertainment + Spots)Local channels available Incompatible with the gaming console 5 days Parental control feature 

How to stream sec network free

If you want to stream sec network without paying a penny, you can try a free trial from the given streaming services except Vidgo. Out of available options, Hulu has a maximum of 30 days free trial that you can take advantage of.

Besides the free trial, you cannot get sec network on Roku for free.

After the free trial you picked over, you’ll have to pay for it. For not making any mistakes, I highly recommend before you get the trial, you must read the streaming service’s rules and regulations.

What you can get on sec network 

Sec network has 45 sec football games, 60 women’s football games, 100 men’s football games, and 125 softball and baseball. 

Additionally, you can get access to over 1,400 live sports in a year on television networks and platforms like Sec Network Plus.

Where can I watch sec Network Plus (Difference between sec network and sec network+)

Sec Network is a television channel that you can watch on Samsung smart TV, Apple TV, or Roku TV, while Sec Network+ isn’t. 

Sec Network+ is an admirable plan available on the ESPN app where you can get events of fans that are not accessible on Sec Network.

You can get sec network on every famed cable provider or on the ESPN app. But for Sec Network+, you must have an ESPN subscription.


What channel is sec network on Roku

Sec network is not officially available on the Roku channel store. Instead, you can get ESPN on Roku TV which is included with the sec network.

Are Roku football channels free

You can get Roku football channels for free on The Roku Channel, but for any specific sports or popular sports content, you’ll need to get a subscription plan.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, the ESPN app and streaming channels given above are the two ways by which you can get sec network on Roku TV.

Furthermore, If you need any troubleshooting steps that l didn’t mention anywhere, let me know in the comment section below.

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