How to install Soplayer on Roku TV

Are you burned out looking for Soplayer on Roku TV? Because it’s not on the Roku channel store, you cannot install Soplayer on Roku device no matter how many times you search and dig on your TV.

Now what to do?

Since the Soplayer app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store, you can download it on your preferred device and use the screen mirroring and airplay perk to mirror the screen of the device you have on the Roku TV.

So, let’s explore the steps to make this happen:

Can you get Soplayer on Roku

No, currently, Soplayer is not available on your Roku channel store. 

But, with the help of screen mirroring and airplay, you can cast the screen of your Android, iOS, and PC device once you download and install the Soplayer app on it.

So, here is the breakdown of how to do so:

How can I install SOPlayer on Roku TV?

The first thing you need to make sure of before you get so player app on your Android, iPhone, iPad, or computer is enabling screen mirroring or airplay mode on the Roku device 

Depending upon the device you use, if you have an Android device or computer, set up screen mirroring by selecting Settings » System » and then Screen Mirroring under the home screen.

screen mirroring on Roku tv to install Soplayer app

On the other hand, if you use an iOS device or Mac, follow Settings » Airplay and Homekit 

how to Airplay so player to Roku device

Note: pair your Roku device and Android, iOS, Mac, or PC in the same Wifi network.

Once you set up these beginning settings, follow the steps further:

Install SOPlayer on Roku device from Android using screen mirroring 

1. First, open the Google Play Store on your Android and search for the Soplayer app.

2. Once you find the app, install it and after signing up or logging in, watch some shows.

3. Scroll down on your smartphone screen open the notification section (at the top side) and click on Cast, Screencast, or Smartview icon. (If it’s not given, use the settings menu)

screen mirroring Soplayer from Android

4. Tap on your Roku device out of the available networks on the list.

5. If a message shows on your Roku TV screen, choose the Allow option.

Allow prompt on Roku to get Soplayer app

Once you do so, you can watch Soplayer on Roku TV and everything showing on your Android screen.

Install So Player on Roku stick from a Windows computer using screen mirroring 

1. Since there’s no Soplayer application that you can download on your PC directly, hence you need to download and install an emulator such as BlueStacks (an emulator to install Android apps on Mac or PC)

2. Once installed, launch it and use your Google account to sign in.

sign in on Google Play Store to install Soplayer App

3. Open the Play Store and head to the search box to search the Soplayer app.

search to install so player on Roku stick

4. Install the Soplayer app and sign in by entering your ID and password for the IPTV account.

5. Once the Soplayer is completely open, select any shows on your IPTV network and start watching it.

6. Open the action center on the computer and then tap on the connect option. Or use Windows + K buttons for shortcuts.

action centre on windows PC to get Soplayer

7. If it shows, select the Allow option on the Roku device and begin to get everything playing on Soplayer on your TV.

Get the SOPlayer app on Roku TV from an iPhone or iPad using Airplay 

1. As you are using your iOS device, set up airplay on your Roku TV and connect both devices to the same wifi network.

2. Open the Apple Store, search, and install the Soplayer app.

3. After logging in or signing up on Soplayer, select whatever show you want to Airplay on the Roku device. (Start watching)

4. Scroll to open the Control Center of your iOS device and tap on the screen mirroring option.

screen mirroring icon on iPhone to get Soplayer

5. Choose your Roku device and type the passcode that’ll show on your Roku device screen.

passcode to get Soplayer on Roku TV

6. After typing the right passcode, the screen of your iPhone or iPad will be cast on your smart TV.

Get SOPlayer on Roku TV from Mac using Apple Airplay 

1. Follow the same procedure that I explained for the computer, meaning install the BlueStacks emulator 

2. Launch the Android emulator and sign in using your Google account.

3. On the BlueStacks, open the Play Store and install the Soplayer app.

4. Once you open the So Player app, provide your login ID and password and sign in.

5. Now, choose any IPTV content you want to watch, and head to the control center (top corner of the Mac screen)

6. Under the control center, tap on the screen mirroring icon and you’ll be required to enter the password appearing on the smart TV screen.

screen mirroring icon on Mac to install so player

7. After you enter the right passcode, you can watch Soplayer on Roku TV.

Roku sideload apps list

If you want to add or watch some apps (similar to Soplayer) by using the sideload method on your Roku TV, you can choose any one of these apps given below:

El Cartel tv

Silent movies


Nowhere TV

The Space Opera Channel


What is Soplayer website

You can use the Soplayer website to create an account and pair it with your TV to watch IPTV network shows.

Is soplayer legal 

Yes, Soplayer is legal.

What are So player compatible devices

Android TV, Android Phone, Samsung smart TV, LG Smart TV,  Firestick, and Fire TV are So player compatible devices.

The Bottom Line 

Overall, as Soplayer can’t be downloaded on Roku TV, but its app can be, so use screen mirroring or airplay and cast the screen of your devices on the Roku TV.

Additionally, there are some alternatives to Soplayer I explained above that If you want, can try.

If this article was able to solve your problem, let me know how and which issue you just got rid of.

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