How to Activate IMPACT Plus on Roku TV

To activate IMPACT Plus on Roku, open your Roku TV or Roku device and select the Streaming Channels section. And tap on Search Channel and type the name TNA+, TNA Wrestling, or Impact Plus

Once you select the name, select Add Channel and after the channel app is installed, select Go To Channel and then launch the Impact Wrestling channel on Roku and you’ll see an activation code, remember the code and head to activate on your browser and type the code.

Once you enter the code, your Impact Plus channel is activated and you can start watching your favorite wrestling shows with action, or can start with an Impact Plus free trial.

For a more detailed explanation, keep on reading:

Is Impact Plus on Roku 

Yes, Impact Plus is on Roku, you can get this app by searching on the Roku channel store under the name “TNT+”.

How to use Impact Plus on Roku 

Here is the step-by-step procedure to add, install, and activate Impact Plus on Roku:

How to Install the IMPACT Plus App on Roku TV 

1. Open your Roku TV home Screen by pressing the Home button on the remote.

2. Scroll on the home screen to choose Streaming Channels.

3. Under streaming channel, select Search Channels

4. Type the name Impact Plus or TNA+ in the search box and search.

5. Once the Impact Plus channel shows, select Add Channel 

activate impact plus on Roku tv from channel store

6. After the app is installed, choose Go To Channel and launch the Impact Plus app to watch wrestling and get thrilled.

How to Get the Activation Code for Impact Wrestling

1. Once you open the Impact Plus app, If required, provide your email and password to login.

2. If you haven’t logged in, create an account by using your Android, PC, or iOS device.

3. Once you sign in, find and tap on the Activate Your Device option.

4. An activation code will play on the smart TV screen, then note it down.

How to Activate IMPACT Plus app on Roku 

1. Grab your computer, Android or Mac, and launch a browser you want.

2. Follow link on your browser.

3. Enter the activation code you noticed on the Roku TV screen.

4. Once you typed the right code, tap on Activate.

After waiting for a while, you’ll be able to watch wrestling shows and all other content available on Impact Plus app.

How to cancel Impact Plus on a Roku device 

Now, I am going to tell you two ways to cancel Impact Plus or any channel available on Roku, so that you can choose the option that seems convenient for you.

Cancel Impact Plus on Roku TV or Device 

1. On your Roku home screen, use your remote to select the Impact Plus app.

2. Now, press the Ashtrick button on the Roku remote.

3. Select the Manage Subscription option and tap on cancel subscription > Yes, cancel subscription 

Cancel Impact Plus on Roku’s official website 

1. On your Android or PC, open a browser and go to the

2. Provide your information to sign in.

3. Head to Manage Your Subscription, where If you subscribed to Impact Plus, you’ll see its name there.

4. Tap on the unsubscribe option to unsubscribe the channel.

How to fix Impact Plus not working on Roku or Impact Plus down

There are many reasons for the impact plus down on your Roku TV, most of the time what happens is, that the channel contains glitches and bugs that cause you to get interrupted from watching your desired sports or shows.

The quick fix is

Update your Impact Plus channel on Roku from the channel store.

system update on Roku tv to activate impact plus and fix impact plus not working and impact plus down

If the issue persists, update your whole Roku device by selecting Settings > System > System Update and clear the cache on Roku device.

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