Best Soundbar For Hisense Roku TV

Built-in speakers on the smart TV don’t sound well, as the TV is too thin, and due to multiple functions inside it, we have to compromise the sound quality. 

But, however, in this guide, you are about to pick the Best Soundbar For Hisense Roku TV, and if you connect, you can turn your TV room into a full-fledged home theatre. You’ll feel the sound as if birds are flying from your left to right if this is being played on your TV screen.

So, let’s get some best Soundbar that work seamlessly with the Hisense Roku TV:

Here are the top 7 Best Soundbar For Hisense Roku TV 

This list is arranged by increasing order of their price. However, if you want to choose the best ones, the first 3 soundbars are budget-friendly as well and people have reviewed them positively. So, you can select any one of them instantly:

1. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar 

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar for Hisense Roku TV

This soundbar is the top pick in our list, it is not only easy to set up, but also is a budget-friendly choice. The Bose Solo 5 soundbar has a Bluetooth perk that you can employ to listen to music, and your favorite songs wirelessly in a more crisp and clear sound quality.

It has a specific mode named dialogue mode, that provides each word being spoken on the TV with a clear voice and enhanced base.

Once you set up this soundbar with your Hisense Roku TV using an audio cable (coaxial or analog). The Soundbar itself can detect your TV.

There are many gadgets that come within the package when you buy the soundbar alone, including a Universal Remote, power cord, and optical video cable.

The Universal Remote, if you don’t know, can control multiple devices at a time, meaning you could control your gaming console, TV, soundbar, Blu-Ray or DVD, etc, using a single remote.


  • Best voice when the dialogue mode is activated
  • Best user experience
  • Easy to install or setup 


  • The dialogue mode stays on for a particular time 
  • Doesn’t support HDMI cable 

2. SAMSUNG 5.0ch S61A 

SAMSUNG 5.0ch S61A soundbar for Hisense Roku TV

The Samsung 5.0ch has dual speaker technology which can give you a more real sound experience that you may experience in the theater. 

If you want, you can use the Alexa voice search function to adjust the sound settings, give commands whether you want to listen to music, get updated about the weather, etc. (to use voice search, you have to integrate Amazon Alexa or Echo)

This Soundbar has not one but two woofers and a tweeter, that’ll give you ample sound quality.

Once you install the SmartThings app on your Samsung mobile or Android 8.1 and latter version, you can use the Tap Sound perk to listen to videos, online shows, or music from your soundbar with next-level technology. If you have an iOS device, you can use Airplay technology to connect it to the Soundbar.


  • Airplay supported
  • Alexa voice search supported
  • Has more speakers than the general soundbars.


  • Low sound quality

3. Yamaha YAS-209BL Soundbar 

Yamaha YAS-209BL Soundbar for Hisense Roku TV

Yamaha Soundbar, similar to that I mentioned above, has the Alexa voice search feature. But, do you think, have to buy a separate Alexa or any voice search device? 

Well, no, it has a built-in Alex voice search feature that you can playupon to switch between music, set timers, alarm and ask questions, etc. Overall we can say that it can work as same as Amazon Alexa or Echo.

Additionally, they also have an official app named Soundbar Controller App, which once you install it on your smartphone, you can control music, sound settings, and more at no cost.

Plus, if you have a Smart device with Spotify Connect or Bluetooth enabled, you can stream its content with this Yamaha Soundbar sound system. Amazon Music, Kindle, Pandora, and many streaming services are compatible with it.


  • Has built-in Alexa Voice Search
  • Best product at a decent price.
  • Easy to set up 
  • Work with many streaming services 


  • Doesn’t have a coloring LED 

4. Hisense HS218 Soundbar

Hisense HS218 Soundbar for Hisense Roku TV

Although I have introduced you to many ones, let’s talk about the Hisense brand’s soundbar:

This Soundbar is one that’s specifically designed for Roku TV. It means, that once you do the initial setup, I’ll naturally fit with your TV and give you more compatibility than others. It supports 200W-watt Dolby Audio output, which means professional sound quality.

With the included wireless subwoofer in the box (80W output supported), your sound system will become a top-notch theater.

Connection is the main factor that can make or break your interest, but worry not, this soundbar supports Bluetooth as well as one HDMI cable connection to use it effortlessly.

On the Plus side, you can use the same Hisense Roku TV remote to control this soundbar and the TV. No need to look for another remote control.


  • The initial Setup is so straightforward
  • Good sound quality
  • Compatible with multiple devices along with Roku Hisense TV 


  • Sound quality is not clear specifically at low volume
  • Bluetooth connection has to be set every time on turning on the speaker.

5. LG SN5Y Sound Bar 

LG SN5Y Soundbar for Hisense Roku TV

Like many others in this list, the LG SN5Y Sound Bar 400W supported comes with a subwoofer. This LG soundbar is so good providing next-level sound experience. Its high-resolution audio can make you unable to differentiate its and real sound.

Do you burn out changing the Settings of your sound system? Those days are gone. 

With this soundbar, you’ll get an automatic sound adjustment feature, where when the sound gets low, it’ll enhance the audio and if the sound gets louder, it’ll put the voice down. In other words, you’ll get an AI sound adjustment feature.

For the sake of connectivity, you’ll get Bluetooth, optical, and HDMI ARC options that you can choose for the best control over your TV and the sound quality.


  • The subwoofer packed with the Soundbar works wirelessly
  • Sound is clear regardless of high or low volume
  • High-resolution audio 


  • Except for the power cord, none of the cable is given 
  • Low bass 

6. Bose TV Speaker Soundbar 

Bose TV Speaker Soundbar for Hisense Roku TV

Bose TV speakers can be the shortest Soundbar option to choose from. It’s 23.38 inches long and won’t look big in front of your Hisense Roku TV. Hence, the smaller the size, the easier to set up the TV.

Regarding connectivity, this soundbar comes with auxiliary, optical, HDMI input as well as Bluetooth connectivity methods. 

Once you switch on the Bluetooth, you can easily connect it with any device that supports Bluetooth and listen to music and songs wirelessly. Although this soundbar sounds deep and clear, you can press the bass button on its remote to have a theater-like experience.


  • Convenient set up 
  • Size is small and hence easy to use


  • Sound quality lag on lowder voice 
  • Doesn’t fit for a three-dimensional sound experience.

7. JBL Bar 5.1 – Soundbar

JBL Bar 5.1 - Soundbar for Hisense Roku TV

With over 75 years in the headphones and sound equipment market, JBL is about to make history. 

Once you get this soundbar to connect with your Hisense Roku TV, you’ll have an additional subwoofer, remote, wall bracket, and an HDMI cable.

In addition to Alexa voice search, it has a built-in Chromecast, Airplay 2, Bluetooth, and WiFi-supported technology to get an advanced experience. This Soundbar has 550W output power, and if you connect the given subwoofer, you’ll experience a wonderful sound thrill.


  • Strong bass effect
  • Immersive sound experience
  • Easy to setup 


  • Lacks HDMI eARC 
  • Expensive 

What are the Best Soundbar Settings for Hisense Roku TV

Now, I have discussed the best Soundbar to get specifically that works with your Hisense Roku TV, but for now, it’s also worth knowing the best settings to apply to get the best out of the Soundbar sound quality.

Here’s how:

First, if given, try to enable high sensory mode, for this, head to the Dashboard > Settings > and then adjust it to the sensory mode.

Most of the soundbars I talked about above have a dialogue mode that if you toggle on, you’ll listen to every word or dialogue in a more clear and deep voice. There may be more modes on your device, so start testing each of them to come up with the best sound settings.


What Soundbar works with Hisense Roku TV

Hisense HS218, SAMSUNG 5.0ch S61A, and Bose Solo 5 TV, and many soundbars work with Hisense Roku TV.


Now, all the best soundbars for Hisense Roku TV are displayed above which are trustworthy and reliable in my sight. I hope you got the best pick that’s under your budget.

Furthermore, if you know of any soundbar that works great with the Hisense Roku TV, never forget to share with me the name in the comment section.

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