How to watch GAC family on Roku

Great American Family or GAC Family is a popular American cable TV network that provides family-related broadcasting and entertainment such as movies and series that you can watch on your TV.

Being more than two decades old, the GAC Family channel is an extremely famed spot among the old and young generation guys to watch movies, and TV series either flocked or alone.

But, you may have a Roku TV or device and due to it’s impossible to get this channel directly from the store, you want to know how to watch GAC family on Roku TV.

Well, this is exactly what I am going to explain to you, so without any delay, let’s see how to do so 

Can you stream GAC family on Roku

No, you cannot stream GAC family on Roku. Because the Great American Family or GAC Family no longer exists as a channel app on the Roku store.

Hence, you can get many streaming channel apps on Roku that stream the GAC family where you can watch GAC Christmas or Hallmark Christmas movies as it’s now associated with hallmark media.

This channel has been around for decades as a result, the GAC Family channel and its shows are not possible to ignore or forget. 

If you belong to the same group of people, having an eager to watch gac family on Roku, here are some cost-effective streaming services that you can install on Roku TV right away and begin watching your favorite movies or series 

How to get GAC family on Roku TV 

For your convenience, I have tried to explain the most out of the given streaming services and categorized them into low to high cost.

Watch GAC family on Frndly TV

Frndly TV to watch GAC family channel on Roku tv

Frndly TV can be a cost-effective solution for you to watch GAC family channel on Roku tv. Along with a 7-day free trial, one of the best advantages of this subscription I think is you can get 4 screen sharing at just $11.99 a month (In a premium subscription).

On the other hand, If you start with classic, there’s unlimited DVR recording which you can use for three months.

Plan Name Premium Classic Basic 
Cost $11.99 a month $9.99 a month $7.99 a month 
Channel More than 40 channels All channels it has in HD quality More than 40 channels (In HD)
No. Of Streams 4 Streams2 Streams1 Stream 


  • 👍4 Streams available
  • 👍DVR recording is easily accessible 


  • 👎No apps for other devices except Roku 
  • 👎Not enough guidance to use

watch GAC family on Hulu

Hulu to watch gac family on Roku tv

Whatever plan you prefer to get on Hulu, each one has two simultaneous screens that let you watch two screens with a single account. You can also get access to its entire catalog with the same subscription.

With the subscription supported by ads and without ads, you’ll get a 30-day free trial (such a maximum trial out of this entire list)

Plan Basic Hulu planHulu (without ads)Hulu (with ads) and Live TV Hulu (without ads) and Live TV
Cost $7.99 a month $17.99 a month $76.99 a month $89.99 a month 
No. Of StreamsTwo Two Two Two 
Premium ads on Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed 


  • 👍Discount for students
  • 👍Low price 


  • 👎The base plan has ads
  • 👎Only two simultaneous streams are available

Get GAC family streaming on Philo

Philo to get great american family On Roku

Now, Philo has only one subscription plan. But, it’s better in its place, because it has a wide category of channels including sports where you can watch Pro wrestling on AXS TV, and news on BBC World News. 

Additionally, you’ll get unlimited cloud DVR on Roku for one year, where you can store your favorite GAC family movies or series and watch them whenever you want.

Plan Philo 
Cost $25 a month 
Channel More than 70 channels 
No. Of Streams 3 Streams 
Cloud DVR For one year 


  • 👍Unlimited DVR recording
  • 👍Low cost 


  • 👎Only 3 simultaneous streams are available
  • 👎Not enough sports content 

Watch great American family On Sling TV

sling TV to stream GAC family on Roku device

Sling TV lets you off $10 in the first month in each plan it has. The first plan with a $55-a-month price is the combination of the second and third (Orange and Blue plan) that is worth getting because you can watch all channels from three simultaneous streams.

Additionally, it comes with a cable replacement perk that you cannot get in another Streaming subscription 

Plan Name Sling Orange and Blue Sling Orange Sling Blue 
Cost $55 a month $40 a month $40 a month
Channel More than 45 channels More than 30 channels (with ESPN)More than 40 channels (with Local channels)
No. Of Streams3 Streams 1 Stream 3 Streams 


  • 👍Access to parental control
  • 👍Access to sports and local channel ads on 


  • 👎No ads-free content
  • 👎Lack of local network channel 

Get GAC family streaming on YouTube TV 

youtube TV to stream channel
Source: YouTube TV

If you want to test which streaming channel can be best for you, go further with YouTube TV which includes a 14-day free trial, watch and use it for almost half a month, and If you like it, buy and protect your 30% of dollars in the first three months.

Note: currently, YouTube TV, does not have a gas family, hence you can subscribe to it if you want to watch other channels with different features 

Its big plan (I mentioned below in the table earlier) has a new frontier internet handling that can save you $10 a month annually which is equal to $120 (Awesome!)

Plan YouTube TV + Frontier InternetYouTube TV + NFL Sunday Ticket YouTube TV Spanish planYouTube TV
Cost $112.98 to $217.98 a month $72.99 a month to $348 a year $34.99 a month $72.99 a month 
Channel More than 100More than 100More than 28More than 1000


  • 👍Various live sports content
  • 👍Unlimited DVR recording 


  • 👎Lack of on-demand content
  • 👎Expensive 

How to Add GAC family channel on Roku device 

After taking a flash into the streaming channel options, If you found your best picks, you may want to know how to find, download, and install your chosen streaming platform on Roku TV.

Here we go:

1. Head to the Roku TV’s Home Screen or tap the home button on the Roku remote.

2. Screen down to the bottom and select Streaming Channels 

select Streaming channel on roku tv

3. Use the remote button to type your streaming platform name (If it’s difficult, use Roku app to type the name readily)

type gac family to search on roku

4. Select +Add Channel > Ok > Go to Channel 

How to get GAC Family channel on other devices without cable 

To get GAC family channels on devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or any other. You just need to subscribe to any of the services I walked above (Hulu, Frndly TV, Sing TV, or Directv ) and start watching your favorite Hallmark Christmas movie, or any show you like.


Is Gac family available on Roku channel?

Yes, Gac Family is available on Roku channel that you can watch on streaming platforms like Hulu, Frndly TV, or Sling TV.

Is Gac family free on Roku?

No, but you can use a free trial from Hulu to watch Great American Family for the first 30 days for free.

Who carries the GAC channel?

Bill Abbott CEO of Hallmark Media carries the gac family.

It’s your turn 

Whether you want to watch alone or with your family, the GAC family is the best choice for every individual to get entertained.

The majority of the content on this channel is family-oriented series that you can get by subscribing to the given streaming services. If you want it free, go with the free trial and pay if it is worth your choice.

With the streaming platform name provided, I hope you can find the best cost-effective way to watch GAC Family on Roku TV.

If you have some problems regarding this matter, share them in the comment section.

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