Roku Error Code 022: Let’s Fix It

Have you recently bought a Roku Streaming Stick 4K or 4K plus, and when you are about to install it with your TV, your screen imposes Wireless Receiver not detected – Roku error 022 message?

Setting up the Roku Stick with the TV is not so straight. There are many things to keep in mind while doing so, such as the HDMI port you pick, your power adapter, the power outlet you have, the router, and specifically your internet strength. In this guide, I’m going to give you the required measures by considering the things important to know.

Now, start following the steps and say goodbye to the error 022 on your TV screen forever:

How to fix Roku Error Code 022

There are many points to start with, however, let’s begin this guide with the primary cause of this error.

Check your Wireless Receiver 

You must know that you are getting the “Wireless Receiver not detected – Roku Error 022” message on the screen because the Wireless receiver that came with your Roku Stick may be faulty. If you got the USB power cable from any online store, make sure it’s the same as that works with your Roku stick.

check USB power cable of Roku stick to fix error 022
check the USB power cable of your Roku stick

If your power cable does not match with one shown in the figure, you need to replace it or get a new one from the Roku official website.

Reboot your Roku Stick or Device 

Restarting your Roku device can refresh your WiFi Network and load your device from scratch. In most cases, this simple restart has fixed many issues including error code 014.50, channel not working, and the one you are facing. 

To initiate this process, take the USB power cable out from the power adapter and unplug the Roku stick from your TV. Wait for a minute and then reconnect them again as before. You can additionally restart your TV and see if the problem is fixed or not.

Change the HDMI port

No matter how firmly you have inserted your Roku stick into your TV’s HDMI port, If the port is faulty, you will continue to get error code 022 on Roku. I am sure that your TV has many HDMI input ports to choose from, if so, change the Port and select the exact port you have used (using TV’s menu)

Along with the HDMI port, you should also connect the second end of your Roku stick to the power adapter, not to your TV’s USB power as it may not supply enough power to work.

connect Roku Stick to power adaptor to fix Wireless Receiver not detected - Roku error 022
connect Roku Stick to power adaptor

Improve your Internet Connection 

We are pretty sure of the importance of the internet on using the Roku device or any streaming device, but if this sucks, you have to gear up and fix it anyhow.

For this, first check out your internet strength by heading to the Settings » Network » About, and see what’s mentioned on the right side of Signal Strength. 

check internet to fix Roku error code 022
check Internet Strength on Roku

If there’s Poor mentioned, make sure to enhance your internet. (If you see Excellent or Good, you can skip to the next step).

So, how do level up your internet strength:

  • First, Wireless appliances such as microwaves, smartphones, or iPhones can interrupt your internet connection, which can cause an error code 022 prompt on the screen. If you can’t completely stop using these devices, switch them off temporarily and connect your Roku stick to the TV.
  • Devices that require the internet if paired with your router, make sure to reduce the internet consumption. Or put them off for a while.
  • Change the position of the antennas on your router.
  • Relaunch your Router by simply unplugging the cable connected to it and plugging the cable back in.

Check if the error on your TV screen disappears or not. Taking the steps should fix the agony, if not, move forward:

Contact Roku Support

Given troubleshooting steps are not so fiddly, however, if they fail to move the needle, the cause of your issue is unknown. Hence, in this case, we need to get help from the Roku support team.

They have experienced experts and developers who made the product you use and face issues with. Hence, it is the best advice to reach them and show your pinpoints regarding the Roku Stick. Maybe your issue is a bit complex to understand, but if you head to the Roku support page, and select an option related to your problem, they’ll fetch your Roku device linked to your account and come up with the required solution.


Hopefully, you have finally finished this breakdown, and I assume you have got some causes that pop up ‘Wireless Receiver Not Detected Error 022’ on your TV connected with Roku Stick. 

Checking your wireless receiver and improving your internet are the fixes I got directly from the Roku streaming experts, and if these steps don’t fix the issue, go to the Roku customer support page and do the further procedures. That’s all I have for you to know. 

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