How to watch NFL on Roku

If you are an NFL fan like me, I know you want to know how to watch NFL on Roku TV.

Well, it’s as easy as Walking in the park, because Roku has a dedicated  NHL app that you can download and install on your Roku device without any mess of screen mirroring and airplay.

Once you install the NHL channel completely and just finish the activation process, you’ll be all set to get NHL on Roku TV without any extra effort.

However, If you want me to get you into each step process, let’s begin following this guide now:

How to Watch NFL on Roku TV 

To get NFL on Roku, you need to install it either from your Roku device or the Roku website, and then you’ll Activate the account. Once your NFL account is activated, you can watch all of the shows that fall under your subscription to the NFL.

Here we go:

Add NFL on Roku from the Channel Store 

1. Using your Roku remote, press the Home button to open the Home Screen.

streaming channel option to watch NFL on Roku TV

2. Navigate to the Streaming Channels and select Search Channels 

search NFL on Roku channel store

3. Once a search box appears, enter the NFL name by using the remote. You can also employ your smartphone’s keyboard by using the Roku website (which I have broken down below)

4. Select the NFL app and click on the Add Channel option 

5. Wait for a moment to let the channel install, select Go To Channel 

Once the channel opens, you’ll need to activate it to be completely able to watch NFL on Roku TV.

Install NFL on Roku from the Roku Website 

1. Take your Android, iPhone, iPad, or PC and open a browser to visit Roku’s official website.

2. Now, enter your login information to sign in.

3. Once you login, tap on the search box and enter the NFL app name.

4. After the channel appears, tap on Add Channel.

5. After a while, go back to your Roku TV screen and launch the NFL channel. If the channel doesn’t show, try updating your Roku device by following Settings » System » System Update 

system update on Roku device to get NFL app

But, you still are not able to watch the world champions on NFL until you do this:

How Do I Activate NFL on Roku device 

1. First, launch your Roku device and open the NFL channel.

2. If required, sign in and you’ll get an activation code. Note it down or keep it in mind.

3. Open a browser on your Android or PC and head to to activate your NFL+ or NFL account.

4. Enter the activation code you found on the Roku TV screen and tap on Continue.

Enter activation code to Activate NFL on Roku TV

5. Further, login by entering your login credentials.

6. Finally, start streaming your favorite shows, sports, and matches by heading over to the Roku TV.

Alternatively, way to Watch NFL on Roku Without Cable

Do you want to get NFL on Roku with additional perks and sports channels, If yes, here are the options to choose from:


Such as NFL, ESPN is a well-known sports streaming service that has included NFL games. In addition to NFL, you can also watch NFL Prime Time where you can tap into recent games analysis and news regarding the league.

ESPN on Roku will cost you $10.99 /month or $109.99 /year.

Hulu + Live TV

Along with NFL, on Hulu + Live TV plan (will cost you $9.99/ month), you can get entertained with ESPN, FOX, NBC, and CBS Sports on Roku and record with unlimited cloud DVR support at zero extra cost. 

Additionally, If you have two devices to watch the NFL or any sports, you can do so with the use of an unlimited screen perk.


FuboTV is another streaming platform at $79.99 /month that has all the NFL shows that you can get on Hulu + Live TV subscription. (Over 95 on-demand, live channels included with NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, MLS, tennis, and more)

Why is my NFL App not working on Roku 

There are many reasons why this happens with your NFL channel on Roku. If I take you to its nitty gritty, it doesn’t make any sense. Hence, let’s try following the steps I have given here to solve the cause of your issue:

Uninstall or Remove the NFL Channel 

1. Open your Roku TV Home interface and navigate to select the NFL channel.

2. Press the Star button on the remote and choose Remove Channel » Remove 

remove NFL to fix NFL not working on Roku tv

Restart the Roku device 

Locate the power button on the remote and press it to hard restart your Roku device. Unplug the switch from the outlet and wait for a while.

Then, switch your smart TV on.

Reinstall the NFL Channel on Roku device 

On the Roku device home screen, select Streaming Channel »  Search Channels 

Enter the name (NFL) and search, once it shows in the result, select it and click on the Add Channel option 

After the app is installed, select Go To Channel 

If it requires activating the account, do so by using the method I talked about above.

NFL App crashing on Roku 

If the app crashes and takes your precious time away from watching your desired shows. You need to:

Check your internet connection to make sure you are using a stable connection and use the app without any lag.

Restart the NFL channel by exiting and coming back to watch the shows again.

If the app continues to crash, press the power button and remove the device’s plug from the outlet, wait for 4 to 5 minutes, and turn it on again.

NFL app on Roku no sound

If the NFL channel has no sound, it can be due to using an outdated version of the app, so the best fix is, 

1. Head to your Roku TV Home Dashboard

2. Highlight the NFL app by using the arrow buttons on the remote. 

3. Squeeze the Star or Ashtrick button and select Check For Updates and update it.

If the problem still exists, try contacting the NFL channel developers.

How to Cancel NFL on Roku TV 

1. Head to the Roku TV home interface and highlight the NFL channel by using the arrow buttons on the Roku remote.

2. Squeeze the Ashtrick (Start) button on the remote control

3. A new list of options will appear, select Manage Subscription » Cancel Subscription » Cancel 

cancel NFL on Roku tv by using manage subscription option


How much is NFL on Roku TV?

NFL will cost you $14.99/ month or $99.99/ year on Roku TV.

Why can’t I watch NFL on my Roku TV?

You can’t watch the NFL on Roku TV because you either have a weak internet or an outdated channel, so check your internet strength and update the NFL app.

Can I watch NFL on Roku in Canada

Yes, you can watch NFL on Roku in Canada, by using TSN, NFL, or DAZN channel.

The Bottom Line 

Hopefully, you have finished this guide and can Now watch the NFL on Roku from two ways (Directly on the NFL channel or any streaming channel).

Ultimately, allow me to know If you still have anything to ask.

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