How to watch Syfy on Roku

In a nutshell, if you have just landed in this guide to learn how to watch Syfy on Roku TV, you have two options to choose from (getting the Syfy App directly or Streaming Channel on Roku). As this channel is available on the Roku channel store, you can install it right away or add a streaming service that has the Syfy channel in its channel lineup.

Now, it might be difficult to follow what just I said in minutes (is only an overview) to get this channel on your smart TV, that’s why here’s how to do so:

Is Syfy on Roku free

No, Syfy on Roku is not a free channel to watch. You can either watch Syfy by unlocking its subscription or having a subscribed streaming channel on your device. If you consider neither of the options, you can no longer watch it.

How to get Syfy on Roku

To put the Syfy channel on your Roku device, install it by heading over to the channel store and once you launch it, and activate the account, you’ll be ready to stream whatever comes on the Syfy App.

Install SYFY on Roku

1. Toggle your Roku TV on and press the Home button included on your Roku remote.

2. Scroll down and select the Streaming Channels option.

3. From here, choose the Search Channels option and enter the name of the channel you want to install (Syfy).

search Syfy on Roku channel store

4. If you find it difficult to type the name using the remote, consider using the Roku mobile app.

5. Once entered the name, select the Syfy channel.

6. Choose the Add Channel menu and wait until it downloads the app.

7. After downloading, select Go To Channel, and then you now need to activate it by referring to the given section:

Activate SYFY on Roku

1. The moment you launch the Syfy channel, if prompted, sign in using your details.

2. After that, the Syfy Roku channel number or activation code will show on your smart TV screen.

3. Remember the code and visit to enter the same code or google ”www syfy com activatenbcu roku enter code” (On your Android or PC). Once you enter, tap on the continue option.

enter activation code to activate Syfy on Roku
Enter your activation code

4. Further, you’ll be taken to a page where you need to select your cable TV subscription.

After doing so, you are all done to stream Syfy on your Roku device.

But, what If you ask:

How to Stream SYFY on Roku without Cable – Alternative way 

To get your preferred Syfy App with additional channels, think no further than the streaming services given below. 

The main reason why someone like you would want to install one of the streaming platforms on Roku is, that it can be cost-effective because if you subscribe to many channels individually, you’ll end up paying more than required.


If you start with Hulu, there are three plans to choose from, The first one is no ads plan that’ll cost you $17.99/ month (with first-month free streaming or a 30-day free trial), the second one is with ads, charging $7.99/ month and last one is Hulu with live TV requires to pay $76.99/ month. Each of these plans is included with Paramount+ also available on Roku.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers three packages to start with a basic plan which will cost $62.99 /month with more than 100 live channels and will let you get an unlimited DVR on Roku. And there are Spanish (charge $34.99 /month) and Standalone plans that you can also subscribe to.


Sling as the last option offers three packages too. Including, Sling Orange (charges $40/ month) which is packed with over 30 channels with ESPN, Sling Blue (charges $45/ month) gives access to over 40 channels with live channels included and lastly we have Sling Orange and Blue (cost $60/ month).

The main advantage of this plan is it lets you stream their screen simultaneously which is often needed if you have many ones in your family. 

How to watch Syfy on Roku TV with the help of Screen Mirroring 

Now, if for any reason you cannot add Syfy on the Roku TV (it might happen), there must be a way to get it on your device without accessing the channel store, right?

If so, here are the ways to use your Android, iPhone, or iPad to mirror Syfy on your TV:

1. At first, pair your Roku TV and handy device (Android or iOS) in the same Wifi network.

2. Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku (Select Settings » System » Screen Mirroring) if you have an Android, or set up Airplay (Settings » Airplay and Homekit) if you have an iOS phone.

screen mirroring the Syfy channel on Roku
Screen Mirroring on Roku

how to Airplay Syfy app to Roku device
Airplay on Roku

3. Head to the Play Store or Apple Store and install the Syfy App. After signing up, start playing your favorite content.

4. Now, open the notification panel or control center depending on the device you have.

5. Tap on the Screen Mirroring or Cast icon and choose the Roku device.

6. If you are casting your iOS device screen, enter the password that you can see on the TV screen.

After going through each given step, your smartphone or iPad will be displayed on the screen as it looks on your hand, but in a big dimension.

Syfy on Roku FAQs

How much is Syfy on Roku

Depending upon the streaming channel you subscribe to, Syfy on Roku is around $17 to $60 a month.

What channel is Syfy on Roku

The Syfy channel on Roku is a channel that plays movies, shows, gives access to NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, Universo, Universal Kids, and Telemundo, etc.

Final Thoughts 

In summary, access the channel store on your Roku smart TV, search the name “Syfy”, and install and add it. 

But, this is not enough. You can begin using this channel once you have a subscription plan (of Syfy or a Streaming Channel). So, once you activate Syfy with the subscription package you have, you are done.

Lastly, share this guide with your peers or colleagues and let me know which option you will choose to get Syfy on your TV.

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